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***We are SUPER humbled by the amount of people who have filled out the MVF questionnaire. Due to popular demand and the fact that we keep our classes to ~30 people or less, we need to start a waitlist. As a thank you, everyone who is on the waitlist will still receive the 60% discount off the MVF initiation fee, as long as they fill out our questionnaire and mention Product Hunt.This promotion will end once we've gone through the current waitlist and are back with taking direct signups.

What they’re saying

In just 16 weeks I have lost weight and inches; gained muscle, strength and endurance; and gotten fierce at the gym during my short and manageable workouts [...] and I fit in clothing I couldn't think about putting on a year ago.

Carla Zanoni, Editor

MVF trains your body and your mind. After 16 weeks in the program I think about food so much differently. Since joining [...] I’ve lost 22 pounds and will never “cleanse” or “diet” again.

Andrea Harrison, Head of Platform Marketing at RebelMouse

MVF makes it dead simple to stay on track with your fitness goals.  It's catered for those who live hectic lives as startup professionals and is extremely efficient.  I haven't been this lean since high school.

Bert Navarette, Entrepreneur and Investor

The program has, quite literally, transformed my mindset on strength, fitness, and body shaping.  I would – and do – recommend it to everyone.

Jonathan Tullett, MD of DDA Systems Limited

I cannot recommend Minimum Viable Fitness too highly, and I've already seen significant results as MVF totally delivers on its promise.

Cindy Gallop, Founder IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn

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What they’re doing

MVF is a highly efficient program and protocol for improving and maintaining fitness by creating reinforceable habits that you can take with you well beyond the program.

Our clients spend more time working and living than worrying about their fitness, even if they’ve never found the time, energy, or motivation before.

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