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What’s different about Minimum Viable Fitness?

Most of what you’ve seen on fitness magazine covers, in Internet advertisements, and on television doesn’t address what matters in fitness. In result, conventional wisdom is deeply misguided.

Armed with this limited view, most people spend time focusing on the wrong things that don’t contribute to overall fitness. Sometimes, this information is difficult or confusing. Other times, it’s plain wrong.

That’s why many programs you’ve tried may have failed you before.

With Minimum Viable Fitness, we take a different approach for getting (and keeping) you in the shape you want, safely and efficiently. We help you reframe what popular convention says about fitness. In a short while, you too will start thinking differently as you see the results, because nothing motivates like traction and nothing sticks like habit.

And, we think you’ll find that this is the program that sticks with your for the rest of your natural life because, as our name alludes to, it takes a minimal amount of work.

“I’ve never been able to keep a routine before... I’m worried.”

Many of our clients thought so, too. Some feared that they wouldn’t have the willpower, genetics, or time to adopt a new routine. But, despite those fears, MVF worked for them because we focus on what matters in fitness—and no time on what doesn’t.

We introduce these routines one at a time, building them into habits and reinforcing them over our 16-week core program.

Why many people fail

Perhaps the biggest myth in all of fitness is willpower; simply, the ability to “eat less, move more.” It sounds simple, so the corollary is that failure to “eat less and move more” is a failure of character.

For many of you, this is very familiar. At some point in your life, you have probably tried to “eat less”, choosing salads over sandwiches. You also tried to “move more” too by running or maybe even trying a very insane or extreme workout program at home. (We’ve seen the infomercials too.)

And while these methods might have worked for a bit, eventually you fell off the wagon. Hunger set in something fierce and you couldn’t help but break your diet. Maybe travel or work schedule derailed your exercise routine. Maybe your child got sick. Maybe you had to go out every night for social obligations and it was too hard to stick to “dieting” in a social setting.

In reality, you didn’t fail because of a personal flaw. You failed because your basic biology doomed your plan from the start.

With MVF, we teach you how to work with your biology, not against it.

Consistent Results

The only way to succeed at fitness is to create positive feedback loops. In laymen’s terms, that means that your fitness work continually produces results, motivating you to keep going. Inputs yield outputs.

When you decide to start any fitness regimen, there is a certain amount of friction working against you—giving up your favorite foods, the time it takes to exercise, abstaining from alcohol, being constantly hungry, etc. After some time has passed, you will have to determine (consciously or subconsciously) if the results are worth continuing.

If the rewards outweigh the pain, then the feedback loop is renewed.

At MVF, we build rewarding feedback loops.

By the way, we won’t ever ask you to give up your favorite foods or alcohol, and you will never go hungry.

The idea behind Minimum Viable Fitness

In the technology industry, there’s a concept called a Minimum Viable Product: it’s the minimum amount of effort that allows you to see if a product or service works. Once you see traction, it sets up the framework for long-term success.

Minimum Viable Fitness is the minimum protocol that brings about meaningful change. Once you see traction (and you will), MVF reinforces those habits to make your fitness and health goals achievable and nearly automatic.

MVF is the protocol that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

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