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MVF 16-Week Core Program [MVF16]

Our core fitness program does not require running, starvation, or significant time commitments. It includes:

  • Easy-to-follow 45-minute workout routines, only three times a week.
  • A nutrition plan that doesn’t leave you hungry and is designed for long-term success.
  • One-on-one online coaching to tailor the program around your schedule and needs.
  • Answers to all of your fitness and nutrition questions with help from top fitness and nutrition professionals, all within a supportive communal setting.
  • A progress dashboard that includes all your relevant fitness & nutrition data.
  • Methods to negotiate travel, happy hours, vacations, and all-nighters… and for coping with the temptations and distractions along the way.
  • A supportive community of individuals facing similar lifestyle challenges.
  • Weekly check-ins to monitor your progress and make any adjustments to keep forward momentum.

$149/month for 4 months + $75 initiation. Next group starts May 4, 2015.

Our Approach and Commitment

We focus on creating sustainable habits that build week-over-week to help you achieve goals. Even if you’re incredibly busy, we promise your fitness goals—whether it’s eating well, slimming down, gaining confidence, or just looking great—are attainable.

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MVF Body Recomposition [MVFBR]

Sustainable and personalized fitness coaching, monitoring, and support. Available for clients who have taken the 16-week program.

($89/month for a year-long commitment)

MVF Significant Weight Loss [MVFWL]

For those looking for significant and safe weight loss that sticks. Available for clients who have taken the 16-week program.

($99/month for a year-long commitment)

MVF for Companies and Teams [MVFCO]

Deploy MVF across your company, team, or enterprise. Or for large, organized groups.


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