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From MVF clients and graduates:

MVF makes it dead simple to stay on track with your fitness goals.  It's catered for those who live hectic lives as startup professionals and is extremely efficient.  I haven't been this lean since high school.

Bert Navarette, Entrepreneur and Investor

I cannot recommend Minimum Viable Fitness too highly, and I've already seen significant results as MVF totally delivers on its promise.

It is no effort at all to hit the gym, because I know doing so is not going to be painful, unpleasant and prolonged — as a result I am building muscle noticeably and gratifyingly. I'm making better choices food-wise. But what I particularly love about MVF is the matter-of-fact, realistic approach of changing your mindset from dieting guilt and self-castigation to 'shit happens', relaxed commitment to integrating better habits over time, and ensuring that you don't beat yourself up about your weight, body and dietary habits any more than life is already beating you up as an entrepreneur.

This is the only program that fits with, helps and doesn't create more #startupstress.

Cindy Gallop, Founder IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn

MVF worked because it helped me see fitness in a new light. The program has helped me focus on doing what matters and making consistent progress rather than ever attempting to atone for my sins.

MVF also works because it gets me in and out quickly. When time runs short, I can still squeeze MVF in.

Ben Edwards, Director - Investor Advocacy Clinic

Using MVF principles, I lost 10 lbs while barely changing my busy routine. I was stronger and leaner than I ever was, all while still being able to eat wings and drink beer when out with friends. Prior to this, I’d done as much as hire a trainer for a full year and didn’t see these results.

Ben Fisher, Founder, Co-Founder Lean Startup Machine

If I could describe Minimum Viable Fitness in one word, it would be “Optimisation”.

Some background: I was cycling 15 miles a day and doing occasional periods HIIT (and of course having the requisite 3 protein shakes a day.)  The cycling was time intensive, and the HIIT was exhausting; I'd end up feeling run down, sick, demotivated.  Eventually I’d stop training.

Heading towards my mid-thirties, I wanted one last go at achieving my ideal body. In the search for a program I felt I could follow, I found Minimum Viable Fitness.

At its basis, MVF is about optimisation. Optimise your diet, optimise the training to get the most benefit at minimum cost, and most importantly for me, optimise the time spent “working” the program.

I was skeptical that going to the gym only three times a week for 40 minutes and tweaking my diet would have much of an effect, but the results speak for themselves: I lost over two inches around my waist, dropped 4 lbs and my body fat dropped from over 15% to just below 14%, all while gaining muscle in the right places.

The person staring back in the mirror has a smile on his face, and is *defined*.

The program has, quite literally, transformed my mindset on strength, fitness, and body shaping.  I would – and do – recommend it to everyone.

Jonathan Tullett, MD of DDA Systems Limited

MVF trains your body and your mind. After 16 weeks in the program I think about food so much differently. It’s not about dieting, it’s about using the right macronutrients to fuel your workouts and your life. Since joining the program I’ve lost 22 pounds and will never “cleanse” or “diet” again.

Andrea Harrison, Head of Platform Marketing at RebelMouse

After yo-yo dieting for years on everything from the cabbage soup diet to Weight Watchers coupled with hours on the elliptical machine, I got tired of watching the scale creep back up again once I fell back into old habits after depriving myself. Add a hectic schedule as a journalist at a digital startup and I was about to give up and resign myself to being overweight, tired and flabby as I approach 40.

MVF has changed all that. In just 16 weeks I have lost weight and inches; gained muscle, strength and endurance; and gotten fierce at the gym during my short and manageable workouts. Learning to lift weights while finding the right mix of carbs, fats and protein for my body type has been fun, energizing and stimulating with MVF. And I fit in clothing I couldn't think about putting on a year ago.

The best part is that I didn't have to do it on my own. Whether in the gym or online, the support of the MVF community and its team leaders has been huge for learning this new way of taking care of myself, something I plan to continue for years to come. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to find a manageable regime to get healthy, fit and happy. It's worked for me.

Carla Zanoni, Editor

Earlier this year Julie Fredrickson and Dick Talens got me in a lot better shape. I've gained a ton of muscle mass and I lost a little over 11 lbs in 12 weeks. It's a pretty straightforward regimen and is flexible for busy people. They provide great guidance and advice having done countless hours of research themselves.

Joe Conyers, GM of Songtrust

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