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The MVF Team

Richard Talens

Dick Talens

Dick is an experienced fitness coach and recently named to the Top 100 Most Influential in Health by Greatist. He has worked with many busy professionals, athletes, and competitors, including Mallory Hagan (Miss America 2013).

At his peak, Dick weighed 230 lbs. in spending hours in front of his computer and eating ice cream. While Dick still spends 80+ hours in front of his computer (sometimes with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s) he now stays in the shape you see in the photo above.

It may surprise you that Dick does not live at the gym. Instead, he applies the right protocols at the right time, a core tenet of MVF.

Julie Fredrickson

Julie Fredrickson

Julie is a three-time founder who has worked with numerous fashion and health companies, including Ann Taylor and Equinox.

Like many of MVF’s clients, she was unfit and overworked. She tried fad diets and fitness routines, and yet never made any measurable progress.

However, a year ago, using MVF protocols, she went from a woman with no discernible muscle to someone who can pick up more than her own body weight, is free of anxiety when it comes eating, and has a body she’ll happily put into a bikini.

Michael Gruen

Michael E. Gruen

After college, Michael moved to New York where he promptly gained the “finance fifteen”, a doughy resemblance to the “freshman fifteen” as popularized by college cafeterias.

Throughout high school and college, Michael stayed fit on the cycling team, skiing through the winters. But, as an urban professional, his fitness languished and he struggled to find time to get the miles in. His waistline suffered.

When he couldn’t fit into his favorite suit, he resolved to change. After a few false-starts, he landed on a program that now comprise MVF protocols. Now, he is stronger and leaner than ever before while traveling and working, spending little time maintaining his physique.

Jeanrock (Rock) DuBois

Jeanrock (Rock) DuBois

When he graduated from high school, Rock weighed 270 lb.

He decided it was time for a change.

Since undergoing his self-guided transformation, Rock now involves himself in many different pursuits including acting, modeling, and singing. He also balances his fitness goals with his other professional duties as several executives rely on him to assist with their companies in various capacities, from marketing through operations.

His passion lies in helping others achieve their goals and in maintaining an ever-positive attitude in order to consistently push himself and the people around him to become stronger people.

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